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JARE Vol. 9, 2005

Table of Contents

David R. Boorer
What student teachers consider to be ‘Good Teaching’

James Bourke
Destructive Teaching

Lori Bradshaw
Theory vs Practice in Teaching; From the point of view of experienced “untrained” teachers in training.

Abu El-Bashar Ali Adam
The Status of Arabic Language in the bilingual education system of Brunei Darussalam:
a multiple illiteracies Context.

Andrew Braimba, Kofi Agyman & Desmond Brown
Enhancing teachers’ proficiency for better teaching and learning of physics at secondary school level

Jarina Peer, Micheal Williams, Queck Choon Lang, Shanti Divaharan,
Liu Woon & Angela Wong

A needs analysis of secondary schools teachers’ knowledge and skills for conducting project work.

Keith Wood
Working in four dimensional space-phenomenography and variation theory as tha basis for
teacher education that emphasises the interactive nature of learning.

Abdullah Mohd Noor
Pengaruh latar belakang sosial keluarga terhadap pencapaian sains dan
matematik dikalangan mudir sekolah rendah

See Kin Hai & Lim Swee Bee
Keberkesanan maklumbalas analisis tingkah laku lisan dikalangan guru-guru sekolah rendah.

Iorhemen J. Keyleve & Irene P-A Cheong
Needs assessment and supporting cooperating teachers in teaching practice.

Penroose Saleha Hj Mohd Salleh & Irene P-A Cheong
Determining misconceptions in malaria and its control.

Lourdusamy Atputhasamy & Chai Ching Sing
Investigating the association between student teachers’ reported use of learning strategies and their learning outcomes.

Lourdes Ferrer
Assessing the practicum experiences in science: A standard-based approach.

Stephen G. Upex
Some possible directions to future educational research within the
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education.

Chandrasegaran Suppiah & Robert Burns
Profile of adolescent problems in Brunei Darussalam

Helen Emery
Learning to read and spell in Arabic.

Copyright 2005 SHBIE, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

The views expressed in JARE are those of authors. They should not be interpreted as
the official position of the SHBIE or Universiti Brunei Darussalam

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