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Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE)

The Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education has a long history as a research provider and promotes a vibrant research culture through its large concentration of educational experts of international origins, quality and reputation. Research is carried out individually by the faculty members and by teams on Ministry-initiated projects. SHBIE is a key research centre in professional education theory and practice and seeks to contribute to the growth of knowledge about education and training in Brunei society, regionally and internationally, suitable for the twenty-first century society. The staff has a strong commitment to conducting research of high quality and practical value. They generate research, organize seminars and conferences, and provide excellent support for higher degree students and staff. They work within research traditions that range from ethnographic, case study, lesson study in workplace settings to surveys and experimental. Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods are taught and supported.

The faculty’s research initiatives are also promoted through the Centre for Applied Research in Education
The research achievements of SHBIE are also published in the following publications:

1. Journal of Applied Research in Education (a refereed annual Journal)
2. Studies in Education (an occasional thematic Journal)
3. Science and Mathematics Technical Education (an occasional Journal)
4.SHBIE Monograph series
5. Conference Proceedings

Some of the specialisations of the academic staff are listed below:

Prof. Keith Wood Phenomenography and variation theory; lesson study and school; economics & business education krjwood@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Prof. Harkirat S. Dhindsa Constructivist teaching & learning; cognitive structure analysis; chemistry/science teaching. hdhindsa@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Prof. Abosi C.Q. Special needs education; counseling psychology abosi@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alan Chamberlain Language teaching methodology and teaching materials development; language awareness lawrence@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr.David Boorer The psychology of stress and management skills boorerd@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Quintus Perera Probing understanding and numerical problem strategies; Chemistry teaching methods quintusp@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saratha Sithamparam Language Pedagogy saratha@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Santhiram Raman Education policies for ethnic minorities; multi-cultural education; Social Studies & History teaching methods. santhira@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc Prof. Dr. Hjh. Zaitun Hj. Md. Taha Teacher practices and beliefs; Mathematics education zaitunht@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramlee Mustapha Mathematics & Science Education drramlee@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Romaizah Hj. Mohd Salleh Science Education; Children’s concept development in understanding science; special needs in Science education romaizah@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Iorhemen John Kyeleve Teaching & learning of Mathematics; Teacher attitudes; Research methods; ICT in school mathematics idrehemen@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Jamilah  Hj. Mohd Yusof Mathematics education; misconceptions & errors in understanding mathematics; ICT in education jmyusof@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Sallimah Hj. Mohd Salleh ICT in teaching & learning; Implementation of ICT in schools and Institutions of Higher education sallimah@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Poh Sing Huat Biology/Biological Science;  Secondary science education shpoh@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr Desmond Patrick Brown Teaching & learning of Science in Secondary Schools desbrown@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh. Norhani Pgh Hj Buntar Primary & Lower Secondary Science education; Pedagogy & Methodology norhanib@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Lim Siew Bee Communication in Science; Inquiry learning; Primary pupils’ misconceptions in Science. sblim@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hunus Riah Science/Chemistry methodology hunus@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Yong Chui Seng Biology pedagogy & content for primary and secondary schools csyong@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Madihah Khalid Teaching & learning of Mathematics; Lesson study; ICT in education madihahk@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr Leong Yong Pak Technology Education and Teacher Education leongyp@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Andrew Baimba Teaching & learning of Secondary School Science and Physics baimba@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Gilbert Fung Chai Wing Vocational & Technical Education; Prof. Dev’t, Leadership & management of change in VTE fungcwg@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. See Kin Hai Teaching & learning of Primary school Science & Mathematics khsee@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Irene Teh Cheong Science Education; Action Research; Education for sustainable development, sustainability and Environment. irenecpa@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Gitu Chakravarthy Teaching and Learning of English and related issues: literacy drgitu@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Wan Mat Sulaiman Teaching of Arabic language; Islamic Religious Education wanmat@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Elizabeth Liew English Language teaching methodology; Assessment and remediation in Language; Children’s literature eliew@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Susan Nair Change in Education; Teaching English: Secondary methodology & Teacher education suenair@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Gamal Abd Nasir Hj. Zakaria Teaching of Arabic Language to non-Arabic speakers; Islam & Education; History & Philosophy of Islamic edu. gamal@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Anny Arbi Geography Education (Primary) Teacher education; Environmental Education and Gender Studies anny@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Thong Lay Kim Teacher prof. dev’t; Social Science Ed; Higher Education & development; edu for sustainable dev’t kimthong@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Baharudin Mohd Arus Art Education & History; Art & Craft in South east Asia arusbaha@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Pg. Dr. Hj. Abu Bakar Pg. Hj. Sarifuddin Islamic Religious education; Civics & MIB philosophy & pedagogy abakarps@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Shamsinar Hj. Awg Husain Art Pedagogy; In- service-Training syammi@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hj. Su’aidi Dato Hj Safei ICT and Islamic Religious Education drsuaidi@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Rohani Hj. Awg. Matzin Educational psychology, Special Education rohani@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Lawrence Jacob Mundia Educational & psychological assessment; special education; guidance & counselling mundia@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Mokhtar Ismail Educational Testing & Measurement; Educational Research Methods. mokhtar@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hj. Zulkifli Mohd. Rasid Stress management, motivation, and positive psychology zulmr@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Salwa Dato Hj. Mahale School counseling, motivation, research methods and theories in counseling. salwa@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Koay Teng Leong Teacher attitudes, self-efficacy, adaptations and collaborations for inclusive education koay@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. John Terrence Sullivan Educational management& leadership and related educational technologies sullivan@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Abdullah Mohd Noor Sociology of education and teacher education abdull@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Loo Seng Piew Sociology of Education, comparative education, Philosophy of education and culture and science sploo@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hanapi Mohamad Creativity in early childhood, Curriculum studies in Early Childhood (Mathematics & Science) hanapi@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Hjh Asmah Hj Morni Early learning, leadership in early childhood education and educational management samah@shbie.ubd.edu.bn
Dr. Zahari Hamidon Instructional Technology zham@shbie.ubd.edu.bn

Managed by Dr Zahari Hamidon & Desmond Tan
SHBIE Research Team


Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
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BE1410 Negara Brunei Darussalam.


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